The Leverage Model
Helping you make your everyday that little. bit. smarter...
We're a boutique outsourcing team. We do two things really well:

1. Help you (or your clients) uncover your Big Idea - click here to learn more
2. Deliver your online projects for you, so you can focus on what you're best at. We work with a handful of clients. You'll get personalised support and a scalable team who can complete any digital task or project - whether it's Strategy, Marketing or Technology.   
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Plugin to our expert digital team. $199 a month, no fixed term, and access...

Generalist - $50 p/h

Our generalist team look after most things digital. Including but not limited to:

* Graphic design 
* Facebook & Google monitoring and tuning
* Email marketing administration
* Wordpress Development 
* Building landing pages
* Setting up email marketing
* Project Management & Co-ordination

Senior Generalist - $75 p/h

Our Senior generalist team look after more complex digital things. Including but not limited to:

* Graphic design 
* Facebook & Google monitoring and tuning
* Wordpress Development 
* Building landing pages
* Copy writing

Specialist - $100 p/h

Our specialist team are leaders in their field at what they do. A few examples of their roles include, but not limited to:

* Facebook, Google and Marketing Automation campaign Design & Setup
* Marketing Funnel Design
* Website Malware/Virus Security Clean Up Response
* Forensic Website Investigation (to fix speed & outage issues that will be costing you money)

Strategist - $200 p/h

If you need to get clear on your online landscape, one of these sessions are for you. Whether you're looking to get a new online marketing plan, your website redesigned or want to know how your digital landscape should be setup, after one of these sessions, you'll be:

* clear on what the most effective next steps are through a uniquely designed roadmap
* with an itemised list of projects needed, and their order, to get the best outcome(s) - All Rights Reserved - 2018 and beyond