The Leverage Model
Helping you make your everyday that little. bit. smarter...
We're a boutique outsourcing team. We do two things really well:

1. Help you (or your clients) uncover your Big Idea - click here to learn more
2. Deliver your online projects for you, so you can focus on what you're best at. We work with a handful of clients. You'll get personalised support and a scalable team who can complete any digital task or project - whether it's Strategy, Marketing or Technology.   
Schedule a 15 minute chat with us to see if The Leverage Model will work for you:
Plugin to our expert digital team. $199 a month, no fixed term, and access...

Generalist - $50 p/h

Our generalist team look after most things digital. Including but not limited to:

* Graphic design 
* Facebook & Google monitoring and tuning
* Email marketing administration
* Wordpress Development 
* Building landing pages
* Setting up email marketing
* Project Management & Co-ordination

Senior Generalist - $75 p/h

Our Senior generalist team look after more complex digital things. Including but not limited to:

* Graphic design 
* Facebook & Google monitoring and tuning
* Wordpress Development 
* Building landing pages
* Copy writing

Specialist - $100 p/h

Our specialist team are leaders in their field at what they do. A few examples of their roles include, but not limited to:

* Facebook, Google and Marketing Automation campaign Design & Setup
* Marketing Funnel Design
* Website Malware/Virus Security Clean Up Response
* Forensic Website Investigation (to fix speed & outage issues that will be costing you money)

Strategist - $200 p/h

If you need to get clear on your online landscape, one of these sessions are for you. Whether you're looking to get a new online marketing plan, your website redesigned or want to know how your digital landscape should be setup, after one of these sessions, you'll be:

* clear on what the most effective next steps are through a uniquely designed roadmap
* with an itemised list of projects needed, and their order, to get the best outcome(s)
                                                        Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What is included in the monthly membership?
     Your monthly membership gets you the reduced rates listed above for time used on your projects. It also includes ANY       time that you need a quick chat (15 minutes or less) with Jamie to get clear on things. 
      (*excludes dedicated strategy sessions)

 2. How does billing work and what will I be charged for?
     Each month on the same date that you signed up you will be automatically charged the $199 subscription.  
     Additionally, each Monday you will receive a billing statement for the hours provided by our team (now YOUR team :-) )      from the previous week (when the balance has reached at least $100). This is for any time spent answering questions,        building quotes, conducting strategy sessions or anything else (outside of quick meetings and/or voxers with Jamie) is        billable. Once you have had time to review the billing and have any questions answered your card on file will be                  charged on Friday. - All Rights Reserved - 2018 and beyond