How to become an Internet Marketing Consultant Part 1
Osita’s Story
I spoke to a lovely chap yesterday

His name was Osita 

(Osita is a name from Nigeria by the way (I asked after trying to pronounce it with a south american accent!))

And the thing that impressed me most with Osita, right off the bat, was that it was 1am for him in the UK (2pm for me over here in New Zealand), and he’d kept himself awake until then just to speak to me

(side note: every time this has happened my first response is: why didn’t you tell me, we could have found a time that worked better!! 

But that’s not the important part here…

…the important part is this:)

He was that driven to change his life

Driven to stay up until 1am to speak to a literal stranger on the other side of the world

Driven to live his life on his terms

— A hat tip to that level of effort — 

And I asked him:

What can I help you with today?

And he answered this:
"I’m working through a course "how to be a Consultant", but what I really want to do is become an Internet Marketing Consultant, and I’ve been told you can help me do that - is that true?

You’ve helped lots of others who are on this course do the same haven’t you?

But I just don’t know the best way to get started or when I’ll know enough to be able to help other people…

…can you help me figure this out??"
Yes was my answer, 

and I’m kicking myself a little, 

because normally every call I do on zoom auto records, 

and I could have just shared the video with you to watch

...but i was in my car headed to the local mastermind I run here, and was more focused on helping Osita (and the road), than pressing record…

Instead of a video though, 

I’ll walk you through what I shared with him (if you’re interested)

In the order I explained it

In case it can help you too

sound good?

(you don’t need to optin, I’d rather you see if it’s right for you before you make any commitment your side)

Just click here:
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