How and Who We Help

You’re looking for Marketing Tech help.

That’s all we do.

Let me walk you through how we help our clients, to see if its what you need today, and further down this page, you’ll see a small list of clients we’ve helped so far.

If there’s a fit, we’d love to add you to that list too!

How We Help

Our job is to help you focus on impacting other peoples lives.

You’re really good at something.

And your team is really good at helping you do that something.

But usually, either you or one person on your team has been doing the heavy lifting for the Marketing Tech, but that’s not the smartest use of your time.

You and your team need to stay in their lanes – focused on what they’re great at – and you want to be able to ‘take advantage’ (in a nice way 🙂 ) – another person or team to help you do your Tech work.

You could always hire an individual, but you already likely know the pros and cons of that:

Spend the time hiring, then more time training, then things go well for a while, then they leave, and you’re back to square one.

From our side, we’ve spent the time hand picking the best Tech Leads for our clients. We have a buddy system, so one Tech lead always has backup from another one of our Tech Leads. We also have a team of Project Managers who keep an eye on delivery to ensure everything is going to plan (internally our side, and can support you if needed too).

And finally we have Jamie – our Founder – and a professional with the ability to step in and help at any time, as an extra layer of support for you.

Initial Engagement

After we’ve had a quick chat to see if there’s a fit for you, you can then sign up as a client.

Once you’re signed up, our ‘usual’ process is:

How Much Does This Cost?

There are two parts to the money conversation: Our small retainer, and our pay by the minute approach.

Small Monthly Retainer

To become a client, you pay $199 USD to join The Leverage Model.

That $199 USD is monthly, and can be cancelled at any time.

(we just use that small retainer to cover the costs of the platforms we use to run our business)

Pay by the Minute

From there, any work our team does for you is tracked by the minute, and billed by the hour.

The beauty of this model is you’ll only pay for work when you need it done.

Big project? Not a problem, we can assign more than one of our team to you.

Don’t need anything for a few weeks? Not a problem either, we’ll only work on something you need, so you don’t have a large retainer to pay for each month.

An example for you:

If our team does some work for you this week, next Monday you’ll receive an itemised report from our time tracking tool, which shows what they did, how much time, and the cost.

The following Friday of that same week, the amount in the report will be billed on the credit card on file.

It’s very simple.

And very transparent.

You only pay for what you use. Period.

How much should you expect to pay?

Depending on what work you need, it depends, but:

Before we start any work, we create an estimate for you, and you approve that – that gives you an understanding before the work starts.

Though I know you’d like to know a number 🙂

To give an indication, most of our clients pay between $800-$1,200 per week, depending on the projects.

Some clients pay us nothing in any given week, as they’re not working on anything.

Others pay us $15,000 per week, when very large projects are underway.

Your job is to focus on growing your business.

Our job is to make sure all your tech works, that nothing breaks, and your business is growing, using best practices.

Who We’ve Helped

Here’s a small list of some of the client’s we’ve loved helping, so far:

Next Steps?

If you’d like to ask anything else, let’s jump on a call – you can learn more about us, and we can learn about you too